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  • Twurls Glove provides a superior quality finished look.
  • Twurls Glove is not a Sponge. Twurls Patent Pending Hair Glove was created for Twisting, Curling and Locking hair.
  • Twurls Glove provides very detailed (obvious), noticeable, and heightened sculpted twist and curls to otherwise normal hair, whether thick or coarse, it aides to form curls and lock them in.
  • It is also ambidextrous (can be worn on either right or left hand), itworks on extreme short hair to afros, and even chemically treated hair to achieve the desired look.
  • It is an effective tool when used with beeswax, gel, leave in conditioner, water, pomade or no product at all. It is perfect for all hair types; from very soft and fine textured hair to thick and long hair.
  • The method of use depends on the desired look:
  • The depth and pressure of the circular motion forms the desired look.
  • Instructions: Massage desired product (gel, pomade, beewax) into hair into freashly washed hair. Place TWURLS Glove on hand (eigther left or right hand). Maneuver the TWURLS Glove in a circular motion throughout your hair (applying more pressure for a more defined look or less for a softer look). Enjoy your Curls with a Twist! Product Features: CURL Enhancing - Use for twist, locks, coils & curls Ambidextrous - Design to be used by left or right hand, with equal ease Lightweight - Light & easy to use Washable - Able to be washed without shrinkage or other damage Portable - Easily fits in your pocket

Twurls Hair Glove for Curling Twisting and Dread Locks

SKU: TWU78323
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